Michael B Schwartz

Michael B Schwartz

Artist’s Statement

Welcome. To the land of art.

Fly Fast. Fusing the immediacy of the now with master craft-ship allows me to surf the topical with an eye to the future, atop a growing mountain of history. This triad of craft – history – birds eye view becomes a rapid series of works, that are made over a long period of time. Since I have numerous works in motion at any moment it might seem like my work is created in a moment…but look deeper… In the immediacy there is motion, life gesture, and under this fresh new coat of paint is history, struggle, real blood, sweat and tears. One day a painting decides to be finished, it can happen in 45 minutes or take 450 hours.

Archer, Weaver, Farmer. Over the past several years new layers of visual metaphors have risen, some taking on personalities and have come to play important roles in my narrative.  Rhyetta of the Sea she was born in 2001, daughter of a shape and metaphor. Similar to other characters she was unexpected, and came to symbolize a period of my life that has been dark, mysterious, painful and exhilarating.

Places. I have many studios: my house to study, my studio to manifest, my office to administrate,  sites.

Sandwich to go. There are many sites, the classroom, the park, community center, library, private home, inside a prison, outside a business.

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