Karen Sucharski

Karen Sucharski



Karen Sucharski is a ceramic artist living and working at the Curley School in Ajo, Arizona. She is an award-winning poet, journalist, and ceramic artist.


She co-founded LunarStar Art Pottery in 2000 after a tragic car accident killed her only daughter, Genevieve. She dedicated the pottery to Genevieve in order to put beauty into a world that had lost something so beautiful.


Prior to that she worked as a journalist for a business newspaper and has kept her hand in writing doing freelance work and pro-bono public relations writing for various nonprofits, including Finding Our Voices, an art-based nonprofit created to help sexual abuse survivors cope using art as an outlet and voice. She edited three amazing anthologies of poetry for FOV.


She spent two years as the slammistress for the Thin Air Poetry Slam in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she lived prior to coming to Arizona two years ago. She is a nationally, regionally and locally published poet. She was named the 2007 Pikes Peak Performance Poet of the Year and was a top-ten southwest regionally ranked performance poet in 2005. She recently performed on the Ajo stage and taught poetry and pottery in the Skins project in Ajo with Morgana Wallace-Cooper.

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