Carlos Encinas

Carlos Encinas





My father was born in Mexico. Carlos’s family was rancheros.  They lived and worked on ranches in Sonora and Arizona and would cross the border between the two nations frequently unimpeded.  They settled in and around Tubac and Arivaca Arizona where my grandfather worked for various ranches as a cowboy and mines.

My mother was born in Tucson Arizona to a Mexican born mother whose family came across the border after the Mexican Revolution, and a bilingual English/Spanish speaking father whose roots go back in Tucson to the early 19th century when Tucson was still part of Mexico.

My parents both experienced significant bigotry directed against them throughout their lives even though both worked very hard and became successful here in Arizona.  My mother was physically punished for speaking Spanish in elementary school.  My father was a frequent target of anti-Latino bigotry while in the U.S. Army during WW2 when he fought and was wounded for his adopted country the USA.

In these modern times I see much bigotry directed against Mexicans and those of Mexican descent by non-Latinos here in Arizona.  Because of my the experiences of my parents, I want to speak out against this irrational bigotry directed against Arizona Latinos.

I think in the not too distant future the border between Mexico and the USA will become much more porous as money and people cross back and forth between the two nations.  Mexico contributes immense financial and human resources to our USA.  Mexican youth can provide labor and money for the aging non-Latino population of the future so that they may both prosper and acquire safety and security in their lives. Our USA population is comprised of mostly old people nearing retirement age and there are presently not enough young people to keep the economy going to provide for the mass of old Americans entering retirement.  Therefore we here in the USA should be encouraging immigration and educating immigrant children so that they may provide for our futures.

The old ways of bigotry shall pass here in the USA as both countries merge their economic and cultural personalities for a better future.


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